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Aerotheory Air Law

Helicopter Air Law

Our aim is to provide you with a basic understanding for the rules and regulations that are required by a holder of a helicopter pilots license.

It is a pilot’s basic obligation to know and put into practise these rules for maximum safety within the Australian Territory.

To be able to complete this subject you are required to have the complete up to date documents of the rules and regulation from Airservices Australia.

Our study book will help you find your way through these official publications issued by CASA. Please refer to the list of air law documents required.

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Aerotheory Air Law Videos

Helicopter Air Law Video Tutorials

3.1 Documentation1hr 03m
3.2 Pilot Licence, Privileges and Limitations2hr 25m
3.3 Flight Rules and Conditions of Flight1hr 27m
3.4 Air Service Operations1hr 52m
3.5 Aerodromes1hr 58m
3.6 Airspace and Traffic Services2hr 32m
3.7 Emergencies, Accidents and Incidents1hr 34m
3.8 Security1hr 38m
3.9 Emergencies and SAR2hr 12m
Aerotheory Air Law

Helicopter Air Law Exams

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Aerotheory Air Law Book

Helicopter Air Law Book

Purchase our Helicopter Air Law Book, it is the easiest pilot course available. No-matter when you find the time to study, you can take your Air Law Book with you.

The book's content, pictures and practise exams simply explain everything you need in detail while ensuring quality information covering the CASA Syllabus.

Presented in a format to help you quickly understand all the information you need and on your way to pass your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) helicopter exam.

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